Non-metallic (fabric) expansion joints absorb movements caused by thermal changes. They are capable of multi-plane movements in small breach openings and produce very low spring rates. A variety of flexible element materials may be selected for corrosion resistance, temperature requirements, and other specific application requirements.

Bachmann® non-metallic expansion joints are a proven solution for tough applications. Each flexible element (molded flanges, flat belt, or diaphragms) is designed for the specified temperature and chemical environment. Each metal frame design (hot frame, cold frame, telescoping liner) has specific longevity and application advantages. Let our experts properly guide you to the best solution.

A Style

“A” Style Expansion Joint

Belt-only supply, mounted directly to the customer duct or as a replacement on an existing frame. Bachmann has the capability to deliver emergency replacement belts on a same-day shipment anywhere in the world. Field service technicians are also available for emergencies and installation supervision.

B Style

“B” Style Expansion Joint

Hot-molded flange self-sealing elastomer for low-temperature requirements and also fabricated in the composite buildup for the high-temperature applications. This design offers low cost due to eliminating the required metal frame. Installation is also inexpensive because it is mounted directly to the existing duct flange.

C Style

“C” Style Expansion Joint

Captive angle to prevent dust accumulation in the joint cavity and is designed to accommodate large lateral movements. The floating angle is in constant contact with the joint frame and liner. Additional insulation may be used to prevent dust fines from entering the joint cavity.

D Style

“D” Style Expansion Joint

Designed to accommodate large axial movements and may also include a captive angle. The belt geometry and special insulation mounting provides the proper movement of the flexible elements to reduce stress.

E Style

“E” Style Expansion Joint

Features overlapping liners for smooth gas flow and to protect the belt and insulation from abrasive particulate. The insulation serves as an acoustic barrier and provides thermal insulation. Bachmann designs the belt for the full gas temperature and uses superior quality materials to provide a long service life.

EMOD Style

“EMOD” Style Expansion Joint

Similar features to the “E” style joint, but is used in applications where external bolting to the mating duct flange and fabric mounting is required or preferred. Refractory lining of the Bachmann joints is available for temperature applications to 2300°F.

F Style

“F” Style Expansion Joint

General-purpose design where the belt is mounted to an angle frame. Modified designs may accommodate installation inside or outside existing failed metal expansion joints. This eliminates costly removal of the metal joint and asbestos removal.

GTJ Style

“GTJ” Style Expansion Joint

Special patented design specifically to handle thermal stresses from rapid temperature rise in Gas Turbine exhaust applications.

Metal components in the gas stream must be allowed to thermally expand without adverse effect on the adjoining equipment. Cold side frames must be attached independently of the hot liners for proper expansion. A low profile must also be maintained to prevent distortion. Special design of the belt and geometry of the insulation mounting allows proper movement.

Custom Engineered Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

F Style

Bachmann® “F” Style Non-metallic Expansion Joint

52″ x 84″ x 18″ F/F with pneumatic flange clamps and retraction mechanism.

E-Mod Style

Bachmann® E-Mod Style Non-metallic Expansion Joint

132″ diameter x 24″ F/F with refractory lining for 1500° F service.