At the core of our business are advanced technologies for high-performance clean energy solutions. Bachmann Industries supplies quality, reliable equipment including custom designed and fabricated

Bachmann Industries’ capabilities in providing engineered components and comprehensive full-scope systems assure that our clients receive leading edge equipment appropriate for their particular applications.

With a global sales representative network and manufacturing outsourced to qualified fabricators in many countries, Bachmann Industries is ideally positioned to supply quality, reliable equipment and excellent customer service for projects virtually anywhere in the world.

Bachmann Industries, Inc., is ISO 9001:2015 ABS QE certified.

Company History

In the 1970s, industry pioneer Lothar Bachmann began a transformation of custom-engineered, high-performance expansion joints and damper systems. His enduring influence in patented designs and the manufacture of these products became apparent as his business garnered industry attention and expanded substantially worldwide.

In the early 1980s, Bachmann developed several new concepts such as the single-blade, toggle-driven, Gas Flow Diverter for large gas turbines and the gas turbine GT Expansion Joint that led the industry forward.

Bachmann Industries, Inc., organized in the early 1990s to capitalize on ever changing global markets and opportunities enhanced by advantageous supply logistics.

In response to the urgent need for flow control and isolation equipment for the US Environmental Protection Agency-mandated DeNOx Clean Air program, Bachmann developed a novel arrangement of isolation diverter flaps in efficient configurations which reduce a utility’s requirement for retrofit space, while enhancing reliability, availability and maintainability. The Bachmann® 4-Port SCR Bypass System facilitates extended bypassing of the SCR system and defines the leading edge for the on-going SCR / DeNOx program.

Bachmann Industries’s design philosophy, systems knowledge, and proven technologies have been influential over decades of dependable service and continue to be preferred in competitive markets around the world.

Four decades of success can be directly attributed to our innovative approach to product design with integrity and the client’s best interests foremost in mind.