Building on a tradition of responsive customer service, advanced systems design, heavy-duty construction, and modern technology, Bachmann Industries continues a respected reputation for consistently delivering the best value-engineered solutions.

Product Design & Engineering

Our team of experienced engineers, designers, technicians and craftsmen works closely with the client to develop exceptional solutions to even the most demanding challenges, both technical and economical.

From the initial design concepts through site erection assistance and equipment commissioning, we are committed to providing the latest and most innovative technology. Bachmann Industries clients are assured of receiving the most leading edge and reliable equipment appropriate for your particular applications.


With a global network of qualified fabricators around the globe, Bachmann Industries is ideally positioned to supply quality, cost-effective equipment and excellent customer service for projects virtually anywhere in the world.

No project is too remote and no climate is too hostile for us. Theoretically, there is no limit in system size — the largest diverter we have produced to-date has a gas path measuring approximately 7m x 20m (23 ft x 66 ft).

Bachmann Industries and its manufacturing partners are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Full Scope Aftermarket Parts & Service

In addition to offering a wide variety of Installation Support & Supervision services, our skilled technical professionals perform hands-on system walk-downs and evaluations for all types of power and industrial plants. We specialize in objective, unbiased surveys of combustion systems, exhaust duct systems and associated components.

  • Technical Field Service Supervision and Assistance
  • Problem Solving/Troubleshooting Surveys
  • Specification Development
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Efficiency Surveys
  • Modernizing & Refurbishment Review Surveys
  • Maintenance Surveys
  • Vendor Expediting Service
  • General Plant Survey, General Condition of Plant

Research and Development

Over 15 years of empirical, operational experience coupled with the most modern design technology, ensure each design is sound and that our products will meet or exceed your expectations. We utilize design and analysis tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Steady State Thermal Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and 3D computer modeling for design optimization.

  • Finite element analysis
  • Thermal transient analysis
  • Cycle and fatigue testing
  • Leakage and performance testing
  • Flow characteristics
  • Acoustical analysis