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Bachmann® damper systems by Bachmann Industries are custom-designed by engineers experienced in gas flow control and isolation for the full spectrum of applications. Bachmann® dampers are recognized worldwide for high performance, quality manufacture, heavy duty design, innovative materials and leading edge technology for application optimization.

Dampers for Air Pollution Control Applications

Damper Types: Choosing the Right Damper

Dampers serve three basic functions: modulating gas flow, diverting gas flow, or isolating equipment. Each type of damper performs in a different way, with advantages and disadvantages that contribute to its suitability and desirability as a system component.

Selecting the right damper to perform a particular function is perhaps the single most important decision that directly affects reliable long-term operation. Poor selection can result in inefficient damper and system operation or catastrophic failure, often a dangerous challenge to maintenance crews.

In addition to function, many other important considerations also factor into damper selection. Design conditions, construction, material selection, and cost all play a part in choosing the right damper.