by Terri Earley Terri Earley

As we continue our ‘get to know us’ series, it is important to acknowledge the back office.  You know, those employees who keep the ship running in a quiet, unassuming way?  Certainly, engineering talent runs deep at Bachmann, spanning all departments from sales and technical applications, to design & engineering, to project management and field service, but there is a great deal of praise owed to the Bachmann’s facility and administrative staff who share an enormous amount of longevity, passion and a true commitment for excellence representative of the Bachmann brand name.  The average tenure of these folks is 13 years !  That is some tried and true talent for sure; its no wonder Bachmann is able to stay lean and efficient.  So who are these superheroes who keep the operation rumbling ahead?

Eric Holt, our warehouse guru, manages the inventory, shipping and receiving, and incoming quality inspections.  Eric holds the Bachmann record for longevity @ almost 23 years!  he has proven himself a true staple in the office.  Eric has a grandson who is a year and a half, loves to farm and be self-sufficient and brags about his homemade beef jerky; jalapeno flavor is among his favorites.



Sue Clark has been the Bachmann purchaser for over 13 years.  She runs a tight ship, which is especially valued because her role is critical in the project execution process.  Sue has proven to be a tough act to follow, just ask her fellow staff-mates who recently covered (or tried to) her department during a short absence.  Everyone was happy to have her back in the office for sure!  Sue is married and has several young nieces and nephews whose pictures adorn her office.  They are clearly her pride and joy.



Norm St. Pierre has been the Bachmann facilities custodian approaching 11 years now, but he is so much more than that.  He represents the pride and spirit of Bachmann.  Just like ‘Norm’ from Cheers, we all love to chant his name when he walks into a room.   When he isn’t taking care of the building, he is assisting Eric out in the warehouse or doing whatever he can to fill the needs of the organization.  Norm loves his grandchildren and spends a great deal of time sharing stories of all their sporting activities.




Wendy McGraw has been employed at Bachmann Industries only two months longer than Norm.  She is an especially important ‘cog’ in the Bachmann wheel.  Wendy holds her PHR certification and manages all the human resource functions, acts as the customer service representative, processing orders and sharing in the accounts receivable and accounts payable functions among many other administrative tasks.    Wendy is the youngest of four sisters, is married with a young daughter, and enjoys spending time with her family around her new pool.



Patty Fecteau, the lead staff accountant, has been with Bachmann just 6 relatively short years, but she is as cemented into the Bachmann culture as the rest.  Patty takes pride in the vast responsibilities of her accounting work.  We typically find Patty buried in piles of paper as she reconciles and manages the Bachmann accounts, expenses, and projects.   Patty is one of five sisters, grew up in a military family, and settled in Maine when her father retired.  She is married with one adult daughter and a grandson who is the light of her life.  Patty is also extremely active and participates in a worthy triathlon each year, Tri For a Cure.