by Terri Earley Terri Earley

Bachmann Industries is thrilled to announce the receipt of a major contract for the design, manufacture and supply of two Model 67 GT Bypass Systems to be installed behind General Electric’s newest model 7HA turbines.  This North American project is scheduled to be delivered mid-2020 and the bypass systems will be the largest Bachmann has supplied to date!

As a point of reference, the stacks, which are to be delivered fully assembled, will be 63 feet (19 meter) long with a whopping 25 foot (7.6 meter) diameter gas path, large enough to fully enclose two full size tractor trailers side by side.   The diverters for this project, each with a gas path 22 foot (6.7 meter) square will be the size of a 2-car high bay garage!


The fully assembled Bachmann stack shown to the left, by comparison, is 65% smaller than the ones required for this project at only 38 feet (11.5 meter) in length and a 15 foot (4.6 meter) diameter gas path.



Bachmann has supplied many similar, although slightly smaller, Model 65 GT Bypass Systems.  One such diverter damper, as shown in the picture to the right, was recently supplied for another project.